We are Will and Melissa, a couple with crazy dreams of travelling as much of the world as possible. We first went to Europe at 16 for a few weeks, Asia at 18 for 3 months and at the time of writing we're 19 and in South America - hence the no idea! We’ve been stumbling our way around the continents for some time already and are learning so much as we go along, so the point of this blog is to share all the tips and tricks we’ve picked up, to help others to plan their trips but to also share our unforgettable experiences with anyone interested (mainly our future-selves!)

It’s fair to say that when we started travelling we had little experience and not so much of the common sense that gets you out of trouble when on the other side of the world, so we did extensive research on where to go what to do. What we found out is that these days blogs seem to be so much more useful, up to date and realistic (budget wise) then guidebooks and so as much as we love our Lonely Planet we tended to revert to the internet for inspiration instead.

We hope that through this platform we can give back to travellers who have helped us along the way as well as share our most memorable travel experiences.

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