Breakfast with a View - The Shard, London

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

London is a quite spectacular city. Being from the UK we often forget to even think about London like a tourist, but when we do, we realise that, accommodation and food aside, its a budget travellers dream. From travelling around the world we've begun to appreciate the importance of free things to do and we must admit that London makes up for it's expensive living costs with its free museums! Anyway, whilst we are going to put up a blog post all about our favourite free things to do in London at some point, this is not that post - this post is all about the Shard!

The Shard is a 310m high (relatively new) pointy building in London which hosts a hotel, a number of restaurants, bars and lots of offices. It also has a viewing platform at the top, where you can get 360 panoramic views of the city for £31 per person. Now after a little bit of research, we realised that you don't have to pay to go up the lift to get into any of the restaurants (which by the way have nearly the exact same view, just a few metres lower.) We therefore booked us in for breakfast at Aqua Shard, with the idea that if we spent less than £30 each on Breakfast then we'd be getting the view and some really nice food at the same time and would've saved money. It almost seemed too good to be true, but it wasn't and we ate possibly the best breakfast we've ever eaten with one of the best views we've ever had all for less than we would've paid to go to the viewing platform. Not bad eh? 

We're by no means saying that having breakfast at Aqua shard is a budget-friendly thing to do. However if you had a special occasion and were looking to do something a little more unique then it is a great option. If you've got the cash to splash, then you can order an amazing set menu breakfast which comes with more food and drink than you could possibly eat for £29. But if that's not in your budget then there's a huge menu that you can order off, with everything from pastries at £3 all the way to lobster at £20.

If you want to have a look at the full menu then click here.

The restaurant is excellently designed so that it's almost impossible to not get a stunning view, the service as expected was second to none and there's a loo with a view!

Breakfast up the Shard is hands down my favourite activity in London that I've done to date and we're sure if you go up there yourselves you won't be disappointed. Make sure to reserve your table in advance, as although it wasn't busy when we went, at certain times of year and times of day it can be fully booked.

Thanks for reading, 

Will & Melissa


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